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Child Cabinets Maintain Hygiene Fund for Cleaner Schools

PATNA, India, 21 September,2013 | By Azera Parveen Rahman
Prime minister Nitesh Kumar takes his responsibilities very seriously. Every morning he has a word with his two health ministers to enquire of any requirement for soap or disinfectant for the toilets. Sanitation, after all, is an important part of his agenda, and so, the right usage of the hygiene fund (SwachhtaKosh) is high up on his prior...

Sanitation Initiative Changes Mind Set, Reaps Results

MEDAK, India, 19 November 2012 | By Prosun Sen
“Where there is a will, there is a way.”  This is not an adage but a fact as far as the people of Medak district in southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is concerned. Here, open defection was widely prevalent till recent.  It used to be a serious challenge to prevent the onslaught of life-threatening epidemics, especially during the rainy season.

Giving the Squat a Push

MIRZAPUR, India, 16 November 2012 at 17:24 | By Atul Kumar
Eleven year old Sharda and his group of friends go around the dusty lands of their village, Lalapur, beating their drums and chanting their slogans. As they go down the narrow lanes, they make a cacophony of noise to ensure that their voices are heard. They have a message and a purpose: to make their village free from open defecation. Every fortnight or so, this band of ei...

Children Lead the Way to A Healthier Tomorrow in Assam

KAMRUP, India, 15 October 2012 | By Azera Parveen Rahman
The first thing that strikes you as you enter Sajjanpara Primary School in rural Assam - India’s North East - are the neatly lined rows of small, colorful slippers outside the classrooms. Soon, the school breaks into recess and the enveloping quietness bursts into chatter and laughter. In an almost practiced manner, the children then line up to go to the toilet, and ...
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On a Hand Washing Mission: Young Girls Herald Change in the Community

KAMPRUP, India, 15 October, 2012 | By Azera Parveen Rahman
It’s not just about classroom lessons and rules to be followed in school. Chandana Daimary, a vivacious little girl studying in the fifth grade of the Sajjanpara Primary School of Assam, knows that the simple practice of washing hands with soap, especially before eating her meals and after using the toilet, is the reason why she doesn’t fall ill so often these ...

Students Show Clean Hands Prevent Disease

GUNA, India 15 October 2011 | Diana Coulter
As they dash from class for the school’s mid-day meal, Mahesh Kushawaha, 13, and fellow students peer into plastic cases and fumble with other small containers. But it’s not food that they seek. It’s soap.
Clutching their bars, they march to a corner of the school terrace where two boys in smart blue uniforms stand waiting with w...

Women’s Group Bands Together to Clean-Up Slum Neighborhoods

MORADABAD, India, 22 March 2010 | By Angela Walker
Raw sewage bubbles up along the open sewers that line the narrow walkways of the slums of Moradabad known as mohallas. Hills of stinking garbage pile high in vacant lots surrounded by wafting clouds of eager flies in the hot, humid air. Florescent green algae sprout over ponds of pooling fetid water.

“The more near we are to this garbage and dirt, the ...
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